Review on Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream No. 2 Sheer Glowing Skin


Lets see how Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream works on my Face^^

This is a very simple question, mostly..., always come from a woman who want to purchase her first BB Cream. Well, if you are Etude's addict, you may pass this review.. no doubt, I'm sure that you've already have the best ways to pronounce all terms related to make-up and face, and skincare, and other....  orrrrrr to describe from A to Z about this brand. :)

However, let me say... that this review is pronounced by own words.. (with very limited words, i guess...^^)

In my opinion, Etude BB Cream has a softer formula than the other bb creams.
'this' is the easier and the safer way to try BB Cream, because the texture is very soft and smooth, so it blends well only with your fingers. You don't need the other media, for example; brush.

No problem with it's fragrance, smells nice just like Etude's smells characteristic

Oke... wajah saya memang spot full ^^ please ignore this fact. The good news is, it may be good to see how Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream handle my face from those crab spots...... :p

Step One (Step deg deg an) :p

Finally... Take a look at my uncovered forehead to see the differences; 
'with and without Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream'

Overall Reviews;
  •  Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream blends well
  • Escaping the spots on my face, but the truth is, this bb cream succed to give a natural look.
  • It does not extremely covered you, and hide you from the spots, scars, or other skin problems you may have.
  • If you are looking for a total cover, you may escaping this bb cream... honestly..

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