All the images belong to me. I take them with a digital camera or phone. Touch them up with photoscape, photoshop, canva, paints, vsco. I will state it in the post if i put images that don't belong to me. The brighter, deeper, contrast, better images than the actual objects shall be noted as my creativity in order to show a beautiful image and illustration only, and shall not be used as the one and only reference.

All reviews are written and edited by me, with true opinions after at least a month usage. If somehow i use it in a shorter time, i will state it. You may find much English grammar error and typo(s) :)  sorry. I continually will update and fix the errors from time to time by no means to change the content and meaning without prior notice.

Oh well, it's a little bit uneasy to admit that mostly i take them from intenscorner.com' warehouse, especially for samples, or a gift size. For a full size, i buy it with my own money.

A single mother of a sweet boy with a cute darn smile - not to mention about his dimple on the cheeks and the devils within -, an owner, a co-worker, an assistant, and all for intenscorner.com. A woman who actually loves talking than writing - so this blog is a side job. Since i have a lot of time to write, i mean a lot, i write anything i like and i don't like. By the way, my kid loves hotweels (a lot), he plays hotwheel a lot and i don't mind.
You will find a lot of skincare reviews in this entire blog with advice such an expert (you think) but in fact, i'm not. So please take a note that i'm not a doctor. Everything that you read on my blog must be taken with your own consequences. If you disagree or agree, or not sure with any information i share, please do ask a trusted advisor/ professional on any subject related. Sorry, i write a lot ^^

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