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Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil

I have a bunch of sample that really made me spend lost time to figure them out one by one, but Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil was the most i really want to try with so much enthusiasm. It has a very nice package^^ I mean, a cute package,.. its sample feature remind me with a syrup ice cube when I was in kindergarten, long long time agoooo...

Every woman loves nice package, :)    

I used cleansing oil rarely, cause I thought a cleansing milk was the better one in removing dirts and make up and so on,... but Skin Food Black Sugar Cleansing Oil was different.  
Nyum... I really love its fragrance, smell just like a fresh lemon-y.

To avoid misunderstanding related to this products, please take a note that the products i used in this review was a sample feature. And I'm not sure that you can buy this sample from OS. Well.... of course it would be nice if some have it in stocks, because in fact, I only got one after all... ups.. :)

This originally comes in a pump jar as you can see on the picture above.

It's instructed to be applied in a dry face, add a bit of water to emulsify and rinse!

Without swerved to any other directions, but cleansing my face, I simply apply it on cottons, since my ordinary knowledge about cleansing oil was using cottons to help remove dirts. Pardon me...  :) 
And the result was pretty nice, it did remove the dirts and leaving a smooth sensation after rinse it off!

However, I noticed this not too effective as a mascara remover, but it did work well in cleansing dirts and full make up (including bb creams) I supposed. 

Skin79 VIP Gold and Hot Pink BB Cream

VIP Gold & Hot Pink have same benefits:
- Whitening
- Wrinkle Improvement
- SPF 25 PA++

Both are massive, looked mature and lux. They are designed with vacuum pumps, only provide in one color tone.

For me, their shade look almost similar.

VIP Gold is thicker than Hot Pink which is much more creamy. If you are looking for full coverage, i recommend you VIP Gold, because its thick texture give better coverage than HOT Pink does. Better oil control, stay not too oily until noon.  

Hot Pink is lighter and creamy, so it blends easily than VIP Gold. 
However, it depends on your needs to choose which best, VIP Gold or Hot Pink. 

Other Info:
Please check the authentication indicator before buy those products.

Skin79 Shimmering BB Cream, Oriental Collection; Oriental or Shimmering? or Both?

Product Descriptions:
Volume: 20ml
Contains: Oriental Tea Newplex, MX Complex (im not sure what is this, i read in skin79, described as; Moisture), Oriental Blending (white, black, and green tea), Aloe Vera, Nano Vita Silk.
Shout out:  A trendy pearl BB cream which has a light, moist use feeling and quite brilliant pearl to make a bright, revitalizing skin.
Shade: one shade, but safe for any tone color.

normal house lighting

I may say that this bb cream has a light scent, the texture is shimmery, soft and creamy, so it would be best and recommend for dry and dull skin. 

It has a nice brush applicator.
Press on the pump, make sure to control carefully the amount of bb cream.

cream outs on the center

Spread gently on all over your face (ow, anyway, i used my fingertip to roll out the cream, it much more easier for me...) 
Shimmer will visible for about 5 minutes after it spread out in some area. 


For some who wants to create a luminous face, please do an extra  amount on part of your face.

Literary, I probably love this bb cream :) I love the word "oriental". It makes me imagined something... something oriental :p something which related to east, a face which glossy and luminous looks under the sun heat. Looks shinny and "shimmer" :) 

normal sun light

I have a round face, and using this bb cream made my face looked "full"; -read 3D effect, just like skin79 official web said. Sooooo... i wont recommend this if you have a round face... hehe...
Figuratively, i may not like this like bb cream. My face looked too full, and oily by noon^^

Etude Missing You Hand Cream

That's the first time i notice about this hand cream. Cute! Yeaaaahhh!!
Soft fragrance, moist full, suitable to carry on your bag, and traveling. You can use the cream at every time your hands dehydrated.

Above all, one thing that made me really really adore this hand cream is about the feature and the story that etude tried to communicate. A simple campaign for loving animals; "Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet......I really want to see you.... I miss you!"
The boxes are made from 100% Recycled Paper
Again,.... "recycled paper" is a simple message that showing us how much etude  cares our earth.

There is also a short story behind the box, that make me think, this hand creams offers "more", more than just hand creams.

From left to right
#3 This is "Panda Story" : "HI ~ I am Panda, I live in China to eat bamboo ad practice kung-fu" ==>> I LOVE this one
#2 This is "Fairy Penguin Story" : "HI ~ I am Fairy Penguin, I live in Australia & New Zealand, love to swim and dive for fish"
#4 This is "Pink Dolphin Story" : "HI ~ I am Pink Dolphin, I live in the Amazon River, love to swim and chat with friends"
#1 This is "Harp Seal Story" : "HI ~ I am Harp Seal, I live near the Arctic Ocean, love to play in the snow and sunbathe"

"All animals are missing you! They want to meet you... and like to see you"


Thought; Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

I have already posted review on Missha Signature Real Complete in here, my apologize if you think that my previous review was not gave u closed seeing on this bb cream. (inten: lazy) :p

Missha Signature Real Complete 20g

Product claimed:
Skin Lipid which is similar to our skin and patent ingredient of Amino Acid Complex strengthen Natural Moisture Factor (NMF) and balance oil and moisture on the skin to help makeup well.
- Spf 35/PA ++
- With fine particles by micro multi rolling grinding technology and botanical ingredients of skin melting, it softly and lightly adheres to the skin, but with perfect coverage, leaving the skin comfortable and clean for up to 12 hours.
- With organic ingredients by Ecocert, natural healing complex of skin calming patent ingredients and 7-free formula, it minimizes irritations.
- Containing peptide complex, gingko water and 50 kinds of botanical complex, it provides abundant moisture and nutrients to the skin to help make it healthy.

Haha! It's a very long long claimed, I supposed. I noted "ginko water and 50 kinds of botanical complex", reminds me on Skin food Ginko bb cream :p which is claimed to be runny, watery and something moist-y :D 

It came with 2 shades:
#21 Light Pink Beige
#23 Natural Pink

Check behind the box or tube to get shade's information 

Overal review:  
I love its fragrances: soft and smooth as a soap, something flowery but softer.
The texture is very 'cakey' and much water. I recommend this BB Cream if you have a big problem with dry and sensitive skin. I think it would give you best food to nutrient your skin.
It's easy to blend, I agreed. But claimed to be 'perfect coverage'? I don't think so. This bb cream did not covered my spots. So, passed this if you want to have a full coverage. 

By the way, you can only buy missha signature by online, since this series did not launched at Missha Indonesia. If I'm not mistaken, only missha perfect cover 40g, (without 20g stocks) sold there. No wonder why missha perfect cover was well known and popular among Indonesia woman.

However, something that annoyed me about this bb cream is the package. Well, I love the color's package, sheen maroon. Looked mature.

You can see the picture above, hope that you agreed with me that missha signature 20g wrapped in a poor tube :p
Take it or leave it? It's all up to you :)

Review on Etude Color Me Nude


Product description: Natural concealment of lip blemishes holds makeup for long lasting lip makeup expression.

I have a big problem with lips pigmentation, and textures.... perhaps,,, he :p 
Well, yes, it was a problem when I desired to use a bright lipstick color (especially glossy lip). It seems like the color won't blend well. So this is it, i decided to try this concealer.  

I love the color, very nude. When i swatch it on my hand, it goes smoothly, I love it too. 

But, being honest, It won't absorb easily, (what's this? a problem is on my lip or what??). 
You can see it on below picture that my lips texture looked powdery.  

So if you have a dry lips as I am, I suggest you to put a moisturizer or lip balm before applying this concealer. I did, and the result  was  so much better (yes, it holds the lip color anyway)... At least your lip balm can help you to make the concealer blends easier. -good luck- :d

Review on Skin79: Expired??

How about the "expired" in Skin79??
As I've reviewed in Review on Skin food: Expired or NOT??, i must say that Korean usually put "manufacture" date instead of "expired".

For skin79, it mostly printed under the bottle. So please check carefully when you buy skin79 bb cream.

Product use durations:
  • 3 years after manufactured 
  • -/+ 2 years after it is opened.

Review on Skin food: Expired or NOT??

One of the important parts in shopping is recognizing the expired date of the products. "I don't want to buy products if it's nearly expired", and I'm sure that you wont either.

Based on my observation, it usually puts around the sticker, behind or on the front, above or under the bottle or jar. Also please check carefully inside the box (if it is a box packaging). Some is printed inside or outside.  

So, how do we recognize the "expired" on skinfood's?? he...

items: fresh juice c serum, peach sake bb cream, quince whitening sunscreen lotion, peach sake pore serum, lettuce cucumber mild pact

I have gained this information from Korea Suppliers, reading blogs, and joining forum which "talking" about the "date expired". 
Yes, there's a date printed on the sticker, mostly, always on the back. BUT, this is NOT the expired, the date is the MANUFACTURED date.

Unfortunately I can't find the "expired" on skinfood bb creams, but as long as I know the expired will be 2 years at the time it's opened and be at least 3 years (after) from manufacturing date. 

Finally, I really hope this could answer your question about "safe or NOT" using skinfood products you bought (especially from intenshop :p) 

Etude Petite Darling Nail BL502

Skinfood Black Bean Lip Line Pencil #4 Nude Beige

What I always forgot, mostly in applying lipstick is... rrrrrrrr... lip linerrrrr.. :D
So I take a look for the cheapest one from skinfood, and decided to choose... rrrrrrr... this Black Bean.

There are 6 various colors;
#1 Dark Red
#2 Pinky Red
#3 Peach Pink
#4 Nude Beige
#5 Ochre Brown
#6 Dark Brown 

I tried number 4 Nude Beige, and I rrrrrrrealy love how this lip liner defined my lip.
Twist to extend the pencil, and you'd no longer need a sharpener by using this.. haha!

Nice... I see my lips on nude frames.......................worth trying.........................

 with flash

 without flash

BRTC Vitalizer C 10

Product claimed:
Vitamin serum for caring of the dark skin tone to be bright and vital
Main ingredients
Vitamin C (10%), Licorice acid derivative, Morus Alba root extract, Lemon extract, Kiwi extract, hyaluronic acid
Applicable to
Dull and dark skin, skin required nourishment
It is a vitamin serum that helps intensely in brightening care the dark shadowed skin and supplying nutrition to improve skin tone brightly.

Excuse me... This my first serum, and I have been using it for a week, a very short time to make an argument and claimed. I probably will edit this review on next month.. :p hope it's allowed. hehe...