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Skin Food Byulsatang Eye Color; your summer eye color

#2. Grape Party (purple)

Perfect to wear during summer vacation and water play, this eye makeup pot provides strong waterproofing to keep its true color all day long.

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Skin Food Coffe Milk Nail Balm

Twister Balm, very interesting!

Product description: 
A highly moisturizing and nutritive coffee milk nail balm containing a mixture of brown balm (made from coffee oil) and white balm (made from) soft milk extract. It is designed to prevent and alleviate brittle and cracked nails.

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Skin Food Choco eye liner Jam: matte finish

Product Description
With this soft gel eye liner, anyone can easily create natural eyelines with a matte finish.
Define eyelines using brush, filling between lashes.

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Konad French Set

Konad French Set
#1. Special Polish 11ml (black)
#2. Special Polish 11ml (white)
#3. Corrector Pen
#4. Dual Stamp
#5. Scrapper
3 plates.

#6 Top Coat (not includes on the set)

:) I used Konad Plate m62. Simple dots lace.... sorry if it looks messy... ^^


My Darling Eyeliner Waterproof

My Darling
Product description:
Black liquid eyeliner, waterproof.
Applicable on both upper and lower eyeliner to highlight eyes.

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Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake Finish #2 Choco Brownie

Product description: 
This unique finish pact is made with 3 marbled colors baked in a pan! 
Its natural, sophisticated color and subtle shimmer gold pearl create a dazzling look with depth, and its pale pink color provides a radiant finish.

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Skin Food Nail Vita Essence

Product Description:
Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this nail essence provides nutrients to nails, preventing them from breaking and cracking .

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