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Glow Wannabe during Belly

Pregnancy is always related to so many don'ts stuff should avoid, namely retinol, alpha hidroxy acid, whitening, etc. So in order to eliminate the harms,  keep the safe one, and try to find the new one, i've listed mine here to be reviewed on my next post. It'll include the alternate if i find one or more stuff is no longer efficient to use during my belly.

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Skin Biology Calypso's Oil

Before being stuck with bio-oil scar treatment and body shop beautifying that do not work soothes my suffer from dryness, this oil is actually a fresh air for me. This is my second bottle for at least one year, or perhaps more. I accidentally found it when searching hair treatments for my husband. Most good reviews are leading me to skin biology, so i pick it up.

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Skinfood Grape Cell White Sun Essence SF50+ PA++

Today is the last drop of my Skinfood Grape Cell White Sun Essence. It takes for about 7-8 month to finish it.

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Pristine Beauty Take a Whiff!

Brand manufacture, Pristine Beauty . It was created and developed by a cancer survivor. Well known for non chemical products that she believed very effective for people who liked a healthy lifestyle.

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