Review on BB Cream; Feverlet HD, Etude Precious Mineral, Missha Signature Real Complete, and Missha Choboyang


I didn't think that I,...  the expert one in doing BB Cream reviews since there were too many BB Cream addict doing this :)

However, 'this' might be useful for those who need more reviews ^^  hopefully...

BB Creams includes in this tested;

Media; Piece of paper.

  1.  Feverlet HD BB Cream Spf 30/ PA ++ Whitening
The texture is fluid, and quite fair tone, better to say 'pink undertone', even if  i can not show you a better picture quality. Best for fair skin. You may escape this BB Cream if you have a darker, or yellowish skin tone as i am :)
     2. Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream No. 2 Sheer Glowing Skin, Spf 30/ PA ++

The texture is ver yyy soft, and smooth. Lil bit darker than Feverlet HD BB Cream. Well... this might be best for darker/ yellowish tone.

    3. Missha Signature Real Complete No. 21 BB Cream Spf 25/ PA ++

The texture is very 'cakey' and much water (oil) in it. You can choose this BB Cream if you have a big problem with your dry and sensitive skin. I think the moisturaizer in it will give you best food for your dry skin.

    4. Missha Signature Real Complete No. 23 BB Cream Spf 25/ PA ++

The tone is darker than  Missha Signature Real Complete No. 21 BB Cream Spf 25/ PA ++.

   5. Missha Coboyang BB Cream No. 1

The texture is soft and sticky. No problem with the tone because it's quite natural.

Oil Control, Overall Reviews.
Picture says a lot than I did... hehhehe

After 10 minutes

After 20 minutes

After 30 minutes or more

Stay tune for next reviews BB Cream swatch on my face.. haha!

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