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The Face Shop Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover

What is your favorite remover? Does it work well without irritation? Does it really able to cleanse your lip and eye make up? If you do not have any superstar remover yet, so do i.
Now let see my next insider' project for your reference.

The face shop rice water bright remover is my next after skinfood milkshake point remover. I decided to use it because there are lost questions about the abilities in brighten under eyes circle, as it entitled water bright lip and eye remover.

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Blistex Medex and Vaseline Lip Therapy

Hi, in this post, am not trying to give pros and cons for blsitex, or vaseline. I decided to write them in one post because they are standing in the same categories. "One is better than the other" is only a subject matter. So please, enjoyyy :)

I found blistex medex randomly. I typed "best lip balm" using google and found totalbeauty, a site where the worst and best lip balms rated by user polling' basic. 

Blistex medex is the best number 2, and it is the cheapest one, so i choose it. 
Beyond everything in mind related to big brand names, product qualities, and popularity, my only question lays in head is; how do the cheapest one could be the best one?
So i bought it. I bought it from drugstore by joining pre order in one of market plaza' lapak, at female daily. A huge ladieshood where chit chat rooms opened for ladies finding product's reference, and being close to their product's pros and cons.
I spend less than Rp, 50.000 (lapak' policy related to usd range price) for $2,19 (price from drugstore). 

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Kinohimitsu J'pan UV Bright Drink

This morning am going to review one of a popular supplement form Kino Japan, namely kino uv. I bought it last week when i visited my boyfriend in borneo.

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Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell White Essence

It's been a long time since my last review, and i apologize that i do review very rarely because am about took care my laziness for about past six months :D
And now, here i am, talking about the next stuff on my closet.

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