Skin Food Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++


Women always need a sunscreen,
And i.., indeed...
I have been using Revlon Anti-Aging Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 8 for a year. I'm not a woman who like a dense cover, so i think using sunscreen after my make up base is enough. 
But recently, im pretty much staying out door, and 'this' forced me to find another possibilities, looking for sunscreen which providing much.... much stronger SPF than my previous.
So, i deal Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++, which is now becoming my object investigation :D

A sunscreen cream containing tomato extract rich in lycopene and various organic acids to protect skin from UV rays. It simultaneously blocks both UVA and UVB rays that cause premature aging of skin. 15-20 minutes before going outside, apply to exposed areas such as face, neck, arms and legs, avoiding eye areas. If outside for extended period of time, reapply as needed.

However, Tomato sunscreen has a light scent, and the texture is quite fair. Compared with my previous sunscreen, which obviously water texture, and has a smoother scent, Skinfood Tomato smells stronger, thicker and lighter texture (sunscreens typical characteristic).
Honestly, i don't mind with the scent anyway, when it is applied, the smell is no longer touching my nose. It's also very surprising that it's thick and light texture swatches well on my face. The oil control is good, it does work to protect my skin under the sun heat (UV A/ UV B). I, no need worrying of being burnt in YOGYAKARTA, that nowadays is getting hot and hotterrr... 
Overall, Skinfood Tomato Sun Cream doing her job as an anti-UV, perfectly. Like it!

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