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The Face Shop White Secret (Whitening Body Essence)

By far, the most wanted item i could read from woman, mostly, is about lotion for whitening, brightening, and all related to enlighten skin tone. No wonder, most adds offer about products which, they said, would be best to correct skin-tone.

For almost a year, i have received lot questions, and also demand for the best Korean whitening body lotion. Honestly, if you want know my thought, its really drowned me in ambiguity. All my research is zero. 
And after a couple of time, my curiosity is fulfilled. White Secret Whitening Body Essence from The Face Shop, is one and only skin care line for body whitening i can find.

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Etude Drawing Eye Brow

To be honest, i have not found the best match, yet, with some kind of eye brow pencils for some time now. I  have 3 eye brow pencils: Revlon; brown and dark blonde (bought it from drugstore), 1 brown eye brow from Viva Cosmetic. 3 of them are fine. Average staying power, and they are typically need to be sharpened. 

Without comparing with my previous pencils; now, i will be talking about Drawing Eye Brow from Etude, and she is an automatic pencil for my first. yeay! :) I stick with number 03 Brown. 

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Etude Creamy Peach Chou Body Oil

Volume: 100ml
Use after taking a shower while the body is still wet, take appropriate amount on the hands and massage the body with it. When used for more intensive care, take more amount and massage with more strength.

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Skin Food Nail Vita (RE107) Red Stone

red stone

note: thick texture, and its glitter not too visible, indoor or outdoor  >.< 

Skin Food Gold Caviar Nutrition Mask

Sample feature 

shout out: A total care nutrient mask that leaves the skin full of youth and vitality by managing the wrinkle, nutrient, resilience and moisturizing care through caviar and gold ingredients.

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Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment

Shout out: A lip treatment gel containing more than 50% natural honey to provide moisture and luster to dry lips.

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Baviphat Magic Brush Cleanser

No English version, but the instruction might goes like this:
I pour cleanser in a glass, wait for about 2/3 minutes, wash it off by stirring it gently, and rinse it off with clear water, . :) Not bad, its residues fell out in 2/3 minutes, and the brittle are fine :)) Done!

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Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub

I hope, this cute container is something you'll adore after tasted. But if it doesn't, well let me cheer you up by telling an idea about saving this tiny apple container for collections rather than throwing it away into a trash bag *kidding

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Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask; Gold Kiwi series

As we're know, Skinfood has always baked natural resources for healthier skin as they shouted. In this summer, Skin Food launched new line named "Gold Kiwi". 
Web says: Gold Kiwi contains good substances (nutrition) to restore our skin from sun damaged.    

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3W Clinic Professional Make Up (2) : #10 Clear Pearl

Finally, I could brought to you a complete variants from 3W Clinic. Please take a note "The real objects look darker than those pictures look alike." 
I've tried many times, but still could not captured a real tone. 
clockwise: #10, #21, #23

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Missha Waterproof Sun Milk Spf 50+/ Pa +++

Time is moving so fast and I have run out bottles of sun cream. so now.. please let me write more about my next sunscreen : Missha Waterproof Sun Milk Spf 50+

Silver full bottle: Missha Waterproof Sun Milk spf 50+
Gold (sample): Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk spf 50+

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Etude House Brushes part II : Multi Eye Shadow Brush and Eye Contour Brush

I apologizes, cause this will be a very short review. I hope pictures attached will help you to define all the purposes of those brushes.

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Etude House Brushes part I: Oblique Line Brush, Concealer and Eye Liner Brush

After checked, and rechecked Etude's web which took such a long time to choose. Finally, I bought 6 brushes that I thought would be frequently use.

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Skin Food Carrot Sun Cream SPF 30 PA++ and Tomato Wrinkle Sun Cream SPF 36 PA++(sun care' line)

Carrot Sun Cream SPF 30PA++
A sunscreen contains the nutrient-enriched extract of organic carrots grown in pure water from Jeju Island and keeps your skin healthy .
Formulated without 6 chemicals: Parabens, dyes, alcohol, animal-derived ingredients, artificial fragrances, and sulfates.

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Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch

Product Description:
This nose pack containing chlorophyll, a chlorella nutrient, effectively removes blackheads, dry skin, and sebum on nose. An astringent plant element tightens pores, leaving skin on nose clean.
After washing, wet nose area sufficiently. Remove clear film and apply smooth side to nose, adhering tightly to skin. Remove when dry.

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Skin Food Milkshake Point Remover

Product description:
Enriched with milk nutrients, this gentle point makeup remover erases makeup on sensitive lip and eye areas without irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing. Shake like a milkshake before use.
After shaking well, apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently wipe lip and eye areas.

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Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Lip & Eye Dual Pencil (#1 pink & black); Pucca Series

Face Shop has launched Pucca series in early Dec' 10 to celebrate Christmas day. This is a very extraordinary thing since Pucca is the one and only cartoon idol attached for Face shop' icon. Very cute! 

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Skin Food Gold Caviar Collagen Serum (Cosmeceutical for wrinkle care); For Firmer and Healthier Sense

Product Description:
Cosmeceutical for wrinkle care A collagen-enriched serum with Russian caviar extract, pure gold particles, and collagen extract that fill up loose, deflated skin for a firmer, tighter complexion.
Use: After toner application, dispense an ample amount into your palm. Smooth on the face in gentle rolling motions.

A friend of mine was introduced this serum to be a holly gorgeous, but off course as a wise woman I did not immediately buy it just because she'd told me that. hehe. 
I'm a woman who believe to the fact that all skin typed has their own reaction for a particular result, "it may be good for her, but it may be caused unnecessary results for me" 
And as a consequence beyond all of her words about good, nice, best, etc, her persuasion layed on my head for a very long time, until now, I surrender myself to try this full size, since I could not find any gold caviar collagen serum in sample feature.

Designed in a very nice packaging. A gold, dark bottle, a very oldish and mature. Came along with a pump type, which make this serum looked very hygienic and serious... :p

The cap itself is throned with a luster skin food logo; an angel means a guardian supporting skin with a very safe (botanical, foods) formula and ingredients.  

Can you see its gold?

This is a very unique formula, surrounds gold particles. Well, I could not said "this" is a liquid or oil, I just guessing this is both of them. Contains collagen as the main ingredients. It applied smoothly on my face. It's not quickly absorbed, but its okay for me caused I used it at night, and don't feel like I must faced human faces at night.

Please take a note that I'm under doctor's control treatment; including night cream which characterize to be heavy peeling cream. If some of you were also doing the same way, I'm sure that you may agreed that doctor's treatments were sometimes, or mostly, extremely ex-foliate our skin. Doing hardly in peel off our skin, leaving it lil bit rough in the morning. (doctor's: renewal skin, I said: serious exfoliation) 

However, it's safe for me caused using this serum is kind of antidote from too much ex foliation. For days, continuously, I can feel my skin firmer, healthier and well moisturized, especially in the morning. 

My honest review: I do love this serum and will continue it with other gold caviar series in the future (for this fact?? I just want to blame my dear friend)

Overall review: This serum could be too oily if you used it as a base make up, unless you have a very dry skin type. Best to be used at night if you hesitant with its result. 

Kiss Me Sun Killer Daily Comfort Whitening UV Gel Spf 27 PA++;

Size: 90g
Kiss Me Sunkiller Daily Comfort Whitening UV Gel SPF27 PA++ protects skin from harmful UV rays to reduce the appearance of spots and freckles. It is a reliable sunscreen that provides daily protection.
The brand new formula does not contain greasy and heavy resin. Being light and refreshing, it does not leave any white traces.

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Skin79 Dream Girls BB Cream Spf 30 PA++; Calmed Your Redness

Product descriptions:
Primarily intended for the younger set, Dream Girls BB Cream addresses the concerns of young skin by providing oil control and UV protection to prevent unsightly premature aging. The thick cream provides light to medium coverage, evening out the skin tone and creating a dewy and smooth finish that lasts all day long. Suitable for lighter skin tones. By Skin79.

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Skin Food Byulsatang Eye Color; your summer eye color

#2. Grape Party (purple)

Perfect to wear during summer vacation and water play, this eye makeup pot provides strong waterproofing to keep its true color all day long.

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Skin Food Coffe Milk Nail Balm

Twister Balm, very interesting!

Product description: 
A highly moisturizing and nutritive coffee milk nail balm containing a mixture of brown balm (made from coffee oil) and white balm (made from) soft milk extract. It is designed to prevent and alleviate brittle and cracked nails.

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Skin Food Choco eye liner Jam: matte finish

Product Description
With this soft gel eye liner, anyone can easily create natural eyelines with a matte finish.
Define eyelines using brush, filling between lashes.

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Konad French Set

Konad French Set
#1. Special Polish 11ml (black)
#2. Special Polish 11ml (white)
#3. Corrector Pen
#4. Dual Stamp
#5. Scrapper
3 plates.

#6 Top Coat (not includes on the set)

:) I used Konad Plate m62. Simple dots lace.... sorry if it looks messy... ^^


My Darling Eyeliner Waterproof

My Darling
Product description:
Black liquid eyeliner, waterproof.
Applicable on both upper and lower eyeliner to highlight eyes.

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Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake Finish #2 Choco Brownie

Product description: 
This unique finish pact is made with 3 marbled colors baked in a pan! 
Its natural, sophisticated color and subtle shimmer gold pearl create a dazzling look with depth, and its pale pink color provides a radiant finish.

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Skin Food Nail Vita Essence

Product Description:
Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this nail essence provides nutrients to nails, preventing them from breaking and cracking .

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Kiss Me HEROINE Make Quick Eyeliner 01 Black

I definitely guessin that the idol  is Marie Antoinette :p

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner (Black #01) (0.1g)
This black eyeliner is sweat resistant and waterproof. It is easy to apply to create refine, smooth and precise eyeliner. With a special designed brush attached, you can blend out the eyeliner to create smokey eyes effect. It contains Wild Rose Oil and Chamomile Extract for light moisturizing result.

How to use?
Draw a fine line along the base of the upper lashes. Blend outwards with the flat blending tip that attached to the product if you want to create smokey eyes effect.

Instructions behind the package: All Japanese

Circle 1. Rotating field. 
Circle 2. The exclusive brush with a blending tip to create a smoky looked

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Etude Petite Darling Nail Matte #04

Golden Ratio; Face Glam and Eye Powder

Golden Ratio Face Glam #2 Pink Goddess Sample

This sample feature is not including the eye brightener, so I can not showing you how it works :)

Full Size

can you see the glitter?

Golden Ratio Face Glam No. 2 Pink Goddess (Base)

Not bad, even I expected much more than this.. 
perhaps adding its eye brightener would be much more better than this :D

Golden Ratio Eye Powder Olive

Easy to apply. Not too powdery. Love it..

Not bad...

Due to the flashlight and unfocused camera, the real objects can be more shinny, and shimmers; especially on my upper and lower lids. For those unsatisfied pictures... I really apologize :)

Skin Food Ginseng Mask; Transforms Dullness

Add-on, a yellow plastic spoon

A mask pack that transforms dull-looking and lifeless skin into a pure, luminous complexion with powdered white ginseng from Geumsan (A place in South Korea, well-know for its Ginseng)

how to use
After washing, apply an ample amount onto face and massage gently. Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Comparing with previous Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off, the texture also contains with beads, but softer.
A yellowish color which sticky and easily melted. 

It looks like a jelly lays in my white bread :p 

Sniff.. Sniff... Honestly, I don't smell some fragrance from this mask. A ginseng scent, is almost none. I do not know whether it is a good news or bad news, but for some who do not familiar with particular scents, will perhaps love this mask.

I love the jelly texture, it smooth and easily melted on my skin (always mentions). Well... this is my second mask I have tried from Skin Food, but surely now I divine that perhaps all Skin Food' mask: whatever the the texture and the smells will be absolutely different, but they are have same characteristic of being "easily melted." :D

This mask is shout out as a mask which offers to transform dullness into pure and luminous, and I have said nothings about dullness, but in fact "yes, it leaving my skin a supple touching". More elastic, especially on my face line (lips, T-zone, and cheek). 

Overall, I like this mask. Worth trying even for a sensitive skin typed whatsoever :D.

My random questions about this mask:
Do, any of you, know why this mask does not titled as a "Wash Off" (Rice Mask Wash Off, Black Sugar Mask Off), while off course we knew it, (as instructed) as a "wash off" mask?? (I still don't have any ideas about this) hehe..

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off Sample Feature

SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off contains various nutrients, including Vitamins and Minerals, which soothe irritated skin and whiten skin.
Rice extract is a gentle but effective whitening ingredient. It not only vitalizes skin, but also hydrates skin, for bright and whitened skin. 

how to use it
After cleansing, apply the mask to lightly wet face (avoid eye and lip area). Gently press and massage (for sensitive skin, massage is not advisable). Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well with water.

The texture is creamy but lil bit thick (concentrated)  i supposed, contains beads (exfoliants) purposed to removed dead skin. Shout out as a whitening mask.

For such a mask, I noticed the beads looked huge and rough as seen on the picture above. But surprisingly, the beads wont harm or hurts my face cause the cream melted into lil bit oily after seconds. I massage it gently on my face, and focuses on my nose to see how it works on my blackheads, and yes it does work reduced my blackheads around my nose... only a few, but it's okay for me. It leaving my skin smooth and moist. Nice.... 

The best things in reading or making a review is the good news instead a bad news underneath. I will not say that this is the best mask I ever try from now on, but I'm sure enough that this mask will give a good result if you use it wisely and follow the right directions. 

So I closed this review saying you a good news above all, that this mask is totally secure for my face and there's no redness come up after I washed it off. 

However, please be wiser to choose your skin care, especially how you treat your face. I advise some of you who have a sensitive skin, use this mask without giving it any massages. Better tap it gently and leaving it approximatively less than 10 minutes. I supposed that trying a sample feature before you continued buying a full size is advisable :D