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Kiss Me HEROINE Make Quick Eyeliner 01 Black

I definitely guessin that the idol  is Marie Antoinette :p

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner (Black #01) (0.1g)
This black eyeliner is sweat resistant and waterproof. It is easy to apply to create refine, smooth and precise eyeliner. With a special designed brush attached, you can blend out the eyeliner to create smokey eyes effect. It contains Wild Rose Oil and Chamomile Extract for light moisturizing result.

How to use?
Draw a fine line along the base of the upper lashes. Blend outwards with the flat blending tip that attached to the product if you want to create smokey eyes effect.

Instructions behind the package: All Japanese

Circle 1. Rotating field. 
Circle 2. The exclusive brush with a blending tip to create a smoky looked

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Etude Petite Darling Nail Matte #04

Golden Ratio; Face Glam and Eye Powder

Golden Ratio Face Glam #2 Pink Goddess Sample

This sample feature is not including the eye brightener, so I can not showing you how it works :)

Full Size

can you see the glitter?

Golden Ratio Face Glam No. 2 Pink Goddess (Base)

Not bad, even I expected much more than this.. 
perhaps adding its eye brightener would be much more better than this :D

Golden Ratio Eye Powder Olive

Easy to apply. Not too powdery. Love it..

Not bad...

Due to the flashlight and unfocused camera, the real objects can be more shinny, and shimmers; especially on my upper and lower lids. For those unsatisfied pictures... I really apologize :)

Skin Food Ginseng Mask; Transforms Dullness

Add-on, a yellow plastic spoon

A mask pack that transforms dull-looking and lifeless skin into a pure, luminous complexion with powdered white ginseng from Geumsan (A place in South Korea, well-know for its Ginseng)

how to use
After washing, apply an ample amount onto face and massage gently. Leave for 5 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Comparing with previous Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off, the texture also contains with beads, but softer.
A yellowish color which sticky and easily melted. 

It looks like a jelly lays in my white bread :p 

Sniff.. Sniff... Honestly, I don't smell some fragrance from this mask. A ginseng scent, is almost none. I do not know whether it is a good news or bad news, but for some who do not familiar with particular scents, will perhaps love this mask.

I love the jelly texture, it smooth and easily melted on my skin (always mentions). Well... this is my second mask I have tried from Skin Food, but surely now I divine that perhaps all Skin Food' mask: whatever the the texture and the smells will be absolutely different, but they are have same characteristic of being "easily melted." :D

This mask is shout out as a mask which offers to transform dullness into pure and luminous, and I have said nothings about dullness, but in fact "yes, it leaving my skin a supple touching". More elastic, especially on my face line (lips, T-zone, and cheek). 

Overall, I like this mask. Worth trying even for a sensitive skin typed whatsoever :D.

My random questions about this mask:
Do, any of you, know why this mask does not titled as a "Wash Off" (Rice Mask Wash Off, Black Sugar Mask Off), while off course we knew it, (as instructed) as a "wash off" mask?? (I still don't have any ideas about this) hehe..

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off Sample Feature

SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off contains various nutrients, including Vitamins and Minerals, which soothe irritated skin and whiten skin.
Rice extract is a gentle but effective whitening ingredient. It not only vitalizes skin, but also hydrates skin, for bright and whitened skin. 

how to use it
After cleansing, apply the mask to lightly wet face (avoid eye and lip area). Gently press and massage (for sensitive skin, massage is not advisable). Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well with water.

The texture is creamy but lil bit thick (concentrated)  i supposed, contains beads (exfoliants) purposed to removed dead skin. Shout out as a whitening mask.

For such a mask, I noticed the beads looked huge and rough as seen on the picture above. But surprisingly, the beads wont harm or hurts my face cause the cream melted into lil bit oily after seconds. I massage it gently on my face, and focuses on my nose to see how it works on my blackheads, and yes it does work reduced my blackheads around my nose... only a few, but it's okay for me. It leaving my skin smooth and moist. Nice.... 

The best things in reading or making a review is the good news instead a bad news underneath. I will not say that this is the best mask I ever try from now on, but I'm sure enough that this mask will give a good result if you use it wisely and follow the right directions. 

So I closed this review saying you a good news above all, that this mask is totally secure for my face and there's no redness come up after I washed it off. 

However, please be wiser to choose your skin care, especially how you treat your face. I advise some of you who have a sensitive skin, use this mask without giving it any massages. Better tap it gently and leaving it approximatively less than 10 minutes. I supposed that trying a sample feature before you continued buying a full size is advisable :D

Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence

Product Descriptions:
Water-based, it relaxes tired skin with water-rich lettuce and cucumber extracts, collagen and vitamin ingredients. Provides long lasting hydration and moisture retention on the skin.

Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop essence is a very unique moisturizer from Skin Food' skin care. It has a very unique texture, once I drop it on my face it'll melted into water in seconds after rubbed.

Whooooaaa.... very interesting, isn't??

Personally I don't think that this essence will made your skin oily or something if you use it wisely. I have tried it as a base at night, and it just give a fresh sensations afterward. My skin feel moisture and supple, and i don't see oils around my face.
But you may worry if you applied this essence before your bb cream, well.. I guess it would be different matters to discuss :D 
I have warned you anyway.... 

3W Clinic Professional Natural Make-Up Powder (Dodo Palgantong)

"3W Clinic Professional (Natural) Make-Up Powder is formerly well known as Dodo Palgantong" At least that's what I'd read from many blogs which talking about this loose powder. Also collecting additional info from e-bay. They said that all new versions of Dodo Palgantong now used 3W Clinic as the name. 

Slimming Effect : Makes your face look slimmer with a three-dimension effect caused by light reflections
Long Lasting Effect : Strong against water or sweat. Does not stain/smudge easily. Excellent long lasting functional powder
Blooming Effect : The scattering effect of the light-scattering power creates bright and splendid skin.
Super Hydrating Effect : Maintains your skin's moisture all day long. It prevents moisture evaporation and thus creating silky skin

Very well!! 

I've paid a lot of attention and forced myself to fully understand about this famous loose powder............... still trying!! Since there are so many versions explained this, so I decided to write it on my blog. Please, please correct me if im wrong in this petite analysis.  
So, this is my conclusion:
1. The first feature; 
Dodo palgantong Theatrical Powder (glitter effect), some said that this features is discontinued. Used by Korean Artist for Photoshop (valued a better result and good effect in front of camera) If you ask me why this theatrical is discontinued, well... I may not have a good answer :D  (revised at 18 Jan 11)

2. The NEW Dodo Palgantong called 3W Clinic, have launched Natural Make-Up Powder. It has 3 shades, #10 (glitter effect), #21 (Light Beige). #23 (Natural Beige)

It is because when I called my supplier and he only offer me shade #21 for fair skin and #23 for darker skin (pink, yellow tone), so I can not showing you how shade #10 would looks like. Soryyyyy

Size: 30g

no flash

For me, the packaged look very traditional. Very simple red boxes, with yellow circle designed. There is a picture in the middle, but I'm not sure what it this. The jar made a by pale plastic, looks cheap >.<
But the powder itself tend to offer me more than its package; it is matte and smooth finished. Less Fragrance, bright coverage; looks shiny, especially when your face sweats. :) buttttttt.... average power staying. Well... if you are always expected all loose powder has magical power for all conditions, I bet you will drawn into regret, hehehe....... :D I Finished this case with....... Marvelous for natural looks, but not for a total make up.

Review on Skin Food Milk & Honey Body Wash,

Product Description:
Capacity: 320ml
Shout Out: A body cleanser containing moisturizing milk and nutritious honey that is gentle to sensitive skin.

It designs in a clear bottle with a pump, contains thin white liquid which actually far away from my imagination that the contains will be creamy >.< 
Anyway, I love it fragrance, smell sooooo milky, a very sweet scent. I noticed it fragrance closely similar with switsal baby wash :) but sweeter, (jus in case you need more description of the smell in real). Yes, the smell will stay long on your body for a couple of time. Yes, it leaves my skin moist and smooth... Rich foam?? well... I... may not agree with that point.., hehe...

Skin Food Lettuce Cucumber Mild Pact

Product Descriptions:
Contain cucumber extract
Cover blemishes with adhesive micro powder.
Comes in 2 shades; #1 Light Beige, #2 Natural Beige

I have a lot of request for this mild pact. I think this is the one they really loved to buy, not only because this is good in covering blemishes, but also it has a hygienic pact as well.
So, lets see closely to this cucumber^^

  Push button in a white circle is an easier way to open this pact. I love this part. 

I also love to see that this pact is covered with a clear plastic to safe its puff from powder's residue. 
very hygienic and neat pact. 

This a pressed powder which is named mild pact. It can be used alone, or with foundation. I used it alone by pat it all over my face and neck. If u have foundation before, please take a note not to rub or even wipe it to avoid your foundation rub off.

I choose #2 Natural Beige, seems it closely suits me rather than #1 would do. Well, i may say that dealing with shade is lil complicated for me, i love tad finished, darker than my skin, and #2 Natural Beige still looked pale in me.

However, i love its coverage, stay long until noon. For me, it is good in covering from blemishes, especially a light around my nose.   

By the way, i would like to wishing u A HAPPY NEW YEAR '11 everyone, wish you all the best in this new year..