Deal With The Bun, Messy Fun Bun by S-Cawaii Japan


I styled my hair in a bun almost daily. Even in my sleep at night. Always in a bun (you know what i mean^^). It seems... that... I can not just let my hair in layers goes freely,.. looks too messy for me.. Although i love a messy bun, the messier is better.
So when I'm searching about how to make a messy hair bun, I found Fun Bun from S-Cawaii (Japan Brands), and I really love to share here :)
Fun Bun claimed to be made from 100% premium synthetic fiber, easy to wash and clean.

I've got the black one for nine thousand and five rupiahs or 10$ in US, from an online shop in Multiply Market. :) good price.

What I noticed about this fun bun, is the fiber that so soft and silky. I'm glad that the color is not too contrast with my own. The rubber strap, is using to tie our own hair.
I'm curious about how to use this fun bun, but i still don't have any ideas to hide my long hair, does this fun bun can hold it? Oh well... I'll check later :) hehe..  

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