Etude House Brushes part I: Oblique Line Brush, Concealer and Eye Liner Brush


After checked, and rechecked Etude's web which took such a long time to choose. Finally, I bought 6 brushes that I thought would be frequently use.

For me, controlling brushes were more difficult than using my fingers, but using fingers caused lost of mess on its final.
Oh well...! If yesterday, I used my finger to apply an eye shadow and liner. But now, I'm thinking of dealing with those brushes.
I read many blogs saying Etude brushes are inexpensive, and yes they are. Each brush' range cost from 30k-90k, so it worth my money to start my first own make up brush collection.

They each came in a transparent plastic pouch. I noticed they're not really safely wrapped with a paper or something properly as you can see on the picture above, but I have no problems with the packages anyway, cause the brush itself look very nice.
I start with two brushes which becoming a high demand.

Visually, I like Etude brushes' design. A simple black brushes with a round shape on the bottom. Their handle are made by plastic, but not slippery, quite handy. However, I also noticed its brittle are made by soft and neat synthetic hair.

Left: Oblique Line Brush
This brush is for point a cream eyeliner. Basically, it is used to create lines on the upper lids, and personally I don't think its wide hair also usable to create lines on the lower lids. The fact is, it is good to be used to tidy up my eyebrows. :)

Right: Concealer & Eye Liner Brush
It has a better pointed hair than Oblique looks like, and yes this brush done her jobs nicely in creating a thin and delicate line. I have a clean line application on my lower lids rather than Oblique Line Brush can do.

I hope my experience in exploring that two brushes wont confused you :) If you have another opinion I will be very happy to hear that, and very pleased to add them in my blog..

However, I still have 4 more brushes to try next. So, I owe you..

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