3W Clinic Professional Make Up (2) : #10 Clear Pearl


Finally, I could brought to you a complete variants from 3W Clinic. Please take a note "The real objects look darker than those pictures look alike." 
I've tried many times, but still could not captured a real tone. 
clockwise: #10, #21, #23

taken in 3 different shots at the same time

The three of them are having Pink undertone. For those who have a very Fair skin would closely match on #21 Light Beige, without worrying a Pale looking. Otherwise your Tan skin would found the best match on #23 Natural Beige. And #10 Clear Pearl was probably the last option to choose, off course, once again, not for a natural make up like the other tones do, but as a finishing or shimmering.  

#10 Clear Pearl, a very spreadable and attractive glitter effects  

ps. remember to use it by tap it, and not wipe it ;)

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