Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask; Gold Kiwi series


As we're know, Skinfood has always baked natural resources for healthier skin as they shouted. In this summer, Skin Food launched new line named "Gold Kiwi". 
Web says: Gold Kiwi contains good substances (nutrition) to restore our skin from sun damaged.    

I really love the package, looked very fresh and nyumy. A plastic cup full of 10 pieces gold kiwi mask. But unfortunately it is too fragile to fly across countries.
Firs, i wash up my face with my daily face foam and applied a very thick layer on my face. I wait for about 10 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. Differs with other Skin Food masks which usually instructed with a lukewarm water, gold kiwi is instructed to be washed with cool water.

In my opinion, this mask is not extremely amazed me; there's a short firm and supple sensation afterward, but then gone immediately. Maybe best to calm redness after sun exposure, but i can not say it caring spots. Skinfood gold kiwi line is categorize as whitening line products, but i claim this mask as an add-on. Meaning to say, you can add this mask for your skincare routine in order to get a best result. Or, you may escape not to use this mask, if you think your skincare line is more than enough. Be wise, and be sure before you decide to buy some add-on product :)

notes: This mask is very functional: first, it can be a "fast apply" like what I did. Second, for an extra care, you can take a large amount and use it as a massage just like other Skin Food masks, called: black sugar mask or rice mask. Third, it's also good to use before going to bed, similar instructions with baviphat sleeping mask series: lemon or apple. And the last, for caring part of our bodies which too much exposed by the sun.

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  1. it will be good if u add up the price and a link how to buy it :D

  2. hehe... i'll add the price and the link 'how to buy the items' on my next writing. thanks a lot!
    but.. if you're located in Indonesia, feel free to visit my shop. Just follow the link on the logo placed on the right "intenshop" (gold square).
    smooch! :)


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