Skin Food Honey Lip Treatment


Shout out: A lip treatment gel containing more than 50% natural honey to provide moisture and luster to dry lips.

You will enjoy its sweet scent and honey taste
Use: Apply sufficient amount, when lips feel dry or before going to bed.

Said to be a gel alike, but i simply recognize it as a fluid (liquid). It has a sweet honey taste and gives a warm sensation when i put it on my lips, just like "honey". 
Well, yes! it leaves my lip softer, but the result is very temporary, the dryness return soon after.
And honestly, its sweet taste is very annoyed, but for such a lip treatment i like its tube package, it gives an easy and hygienic applied. 

note: Even though it looks like a lip gloss, but i suggest not to use it as a lip gloss for everyday use or you'll ruined your self by licking its sticky sweet honey at every seconds.

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