It's Been a While


Finally i had a precious time to open blogger and check all the mess i left since my last blog >.<
In fact, i was too busy with my online shop, and actually too exited to meet new customers, and deals all stuffs they're needed from time to time, days by days, months by months, until now! Lovely!
Please do visit my web if you mind to buy Korean stuffs, or perhaps from US (pstt! its just opened!)

Anyway, the first thing i did with blogger is checked notifications. Rrrrr...i feel lil upset when i realized that my blog is full with comment spam waiting approvals. Too many :(
A very common problem in blogging, but because it happens to me, i feel like i have so many reason to murmur. hehe.. My apologize.

I think i really need an extra work to handle it, but i  dont know how, so i wonder if any of you have a same case as mine? Being too busy to write any reviews, idle for a while in blogging, and suddenly when you open it, you found too many spam in it?? Please share if you have any?

At the end, before giving a closing word, i would like to say hello, and thank you for my new fellas :) it is nice to see you all here ladies. i hope in the future, i will have too much time writing reviews, and giving feedback too each other, sharing all we need to know about all subjects we personally like., ^^ And for those who not giving a spam comment, i promise will giving approval soon after i found a good answer related to your questions.

See you, and have a great day!!

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