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Brand manufacture, Pristine Beauty . It was created and developed by a cancer survivor. Well known for non chemical products that she believed very effective for people who liked a healthy lifestyle.

Take a Whiff! was costly when compared with deodorant product belonging to major brand, but in my experience its worth a lot, even it took a long effort to get a pretty result.
As it was noted by the maker about getting detoxifying effect; i was ruined by a very unpleasant odor out from my armpits in three days wearing. I swear i never smell my armpit as bad as that before. I think it was the meaning of detoxifying, a process of removing toxin from bacteria, or chemical residues that i never really aware they were there.

Another worst experience was sweating; it's because it's claimed as vegan, meaning to say only natural ingredients put in it, no chemical whatsoever, and because Aluminum Chlorhydrate is the chemical ingredients that typically used in antiperspirant to reduce sweat not used in this product, so i sweat, a lot, i got sweat and my t-shirt gone wet.I must admit i really want to give up before i decided to put baking soda on my armpit. The idea of using baking soda was to reduce sweats, i read it on her web, and again, it was worked. I did not sweat for about 7-8 hours.

Finally after 2 weeks using Take a Whiff! with the thought that the detoxifying was stopped, i try not to put baking soda no more, and yesss! i sweat but smell goods whole day. A hint of orange was a good thing I should consider to put it on my highest reason not to let it go. It also wont dirt my t-shirt, and i could feel my armpit become smooth, and clean after shower (it also happened when using Kiehl's Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant, but not as smooth as this). I swear!

ps. hi! i hope you are enjoying reading my very first post after a very long time absence :) i decided to write a short post to spend my time during a hectic day. so please enjoyyyy it! (if there's any grammar error will be rechecked soon :))))

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