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Before being stuck with bio-oil scar treatment and body shop beautifying that do not work soothes my suffer from dryness, this oil is actually a fresh air for me. This is my second bottle for at least one year, or perhaps more. I accidentally found it when searching hair treatments for my husband. Most good reviews are leading me to skin biology, so i pick it up.

Beside aids skin moisturizer, web says that this oil is able to boost your basic smells which they believe as a natural attractiveness to each other, including; the attractiveness between male and females and vise versa, socials, and families. Read it here.
I admit, pheromone is a very interesting issue, but i consider it too much to bet for my first time buying, so i choose unscented, then later on i choose Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg for males attractiveness xoxoxoxo

This oil is very light, and not too oily, but enough to moisturize my large areas. If i use it when my body still wet, it only takes few. The oil will lock water and i feel fresh and moist at the same time. And when i use it while my body dry, it will soak fast without feeling too greasy. 
So i use it continuously after bath, and sometimes before bed because my dryness on the back and thigh is extremely bad. It sometimes feel itch all over my back, and if i scratch it, it turns to red and sore. The rough condition on my thigh is even worse.

After a couple of week, this oil done the job nicely :) my itch, sore and rough shoothes. Off curse it is not totally cure me from dryness, because the dryness itself is still there, but it much better than before. 
By the way, this is not an all in one oil. So i do not use it for my nail, hair, etc. It does not work. Its only work to areas where the pores lay :)

If your have a problem like me, and looking an oil that really works, take a try for this, it will not disappointed you. This is a good oil. The only bad thing about this oil is the packaging. The bottle is poorly designed, the cap does not closed properly that makes oil leak out when you pour it. So if your are a person who prefer a luxury buying rather than quality, this is may not for you :)

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  1. Looks interesting.
    Tell me when you're gonna get another one hehehe


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