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Long time no see till i almost forget password logging in to my blog, uyee. After a very long time spends for pregnancy and caring of my baby, now here i am, sitting in front of my computer looking for something interesting inside the space.  Hello my blog :)

During my absence, there is one product i really want to write in my blog. Noodle & Boo Elasticity Oil. I bought it from nordstorm for 18 usd, nice price for a holly result. One bottle can be spend for about 5-6 month if you using it regularly morning and noon or at every after bath like i did. No, no need to confess the fact that i really afraid of stretch marks will stuck but yes, not a single day i forget to put this on my belly. This is a good excellent oil to take care a process of stretchy.

The consistency is enough, not too oily, not sticky, no residue, no itchy at all. The fragrance is so soft, not overwhelming and can be tolerate for my nose. Leaving skin smooths and nice touching blow belly. For me this is a heaven's on earth product. Yes, no stretch mark appears. Only few and that's normal. *dance and ready to pregnant again :D

Noted, even though i have a good result by using Noodle and Boo elasticity oil, my experience may not works for you. The issue of stretch marks after pregnancy in my opinion is depend on the condition and type of every skin. If you want to know yours, you can reviewed you mother or sisters. If their belly, hips are clear you are lucky then. But if they are not, please prepare :)

Not forget, im wishing you a very happy new year 2016. Happy and success may be ours!

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