No Uh-Oh for Dryness


There is someday, when i admired pinoy's soap namely Likas Papaya, Kojie san, Belo, etc, so madly iyuuuh bought them frequently and having so happy shower time. Until i noticed my skin did not tolerate it anymore, i stop. My favorite is Plsalmtre Placenta, not the herbal series, but the old one. Oh how they are really whiten my skin, oh they are.

But in the other side im suffered the itchiness and dryness afterward. Especially on my legs. Scratching it is only make it worst. So not before late, i decided to meet a dermatologist. And the diagnostic is dry sensitive skin which extremely peel off without enough moisturized. She advice me to stop my habit. and prescribes physiogel, and a cream to calm the itchiness (mixing of dont know what they are) but the two of them works well on my skin. 

Maybe because too irritated to heal, there are spot like crust lays on my leg. Unnoticeable but they are there. I go meet her again, and she said it will heal slowly, continue using Physiogel will help much. Then yes, the crust slowly disappear, and my skin look ok. Look ok meaning to say moisturized but not turns into supple. 

Physiogel texture is light, no fragrance, a little bit slick, but once applied on skin it turns to nothing but moist. Suitable if you have dry sensitive skin or having experience like me. Im no exaggerated or talking bulls here, but this is a best answer for your skin, I have try Noroid Cream, Corine de Frame Hydrating Body Lotion, Nivea, Vaseline Intensive Crae, Rosken, but none like this. You can buy on drugstore, watson, now available on hypermart at around idr 150.  

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