Pynocare White Mega, H2 Fair Skin Kalbe Farma and Asthin Force Renewskin


This would be a lil bit long review since there were lost questions on these supplements and less information around.

1. Pynocare White Mega

Manufacture of  Mega company who have a big range of vitamins for skin health. It claims to combat melasma, protection on UV rays, and whitening effects. In Pynocare White, French Maritime Pine Bark Extract acts as an anti-oxidant and helps the skin to regain its softness and elasticity. Sounds promising, but my stomach can not deal it. So i stop. Retail price 500k, but you can buy it cheaper on tokopedia.

2. Health and Happiness Fair Skin

Manufacture of Kalbe Farma in collaboration with Biokos Martha Tilaar. There are 4 similar vitamins. Read here. I call Kalbe store to do an order but not in stocks. When i ask, customer service said it is safe for stomach but it fails. I still can not deal it. Only take it for  a week. I can not stand the sore. If you are interested to buy it, seller in elevenia has lost of stock, but beware of short expired date like mine. You better ask them first. Retail price 240k. By the way, Collactive (collagen), L-Cystein (amino acid), Hytollve (olive oil extract), and high dose of Vit C is the ultimate ingredients.

3. Asthin Force Renewskin

Manufacture of Soho Pharmacy. Well known with Anti oxidant vitamin namely Asthin Force 4mg. Astaxanthin as the superstar ingredient from most Soho vitamin still used in it, but lower. Claims to whiten, soften, moisturized, a healthy skin. I buy it from tokopedia at discount price 75k. This is the safest compare with other. Even when i take it before breakfast and dinner. There are clear explanations, ingredients, side effect, and enough information compare with other too!

Still can not say much about the result in a short consume. All information here are based from my first impression and thought that i think you need to know; ingredients and side effect. Hope it helpful to choose what best to you. If you have any other opinion and information necessary, please do email me.

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