The Face Shop White Secret (Whitening Body Essence)


By far, the most wanted item i could read from woman, mostly, is about lotion for whitening, brightening, and all related to enlighten skin tone. No wonder, most adds offer about products which, they said, would be best to correct skin-tone.

For almost a year, i have received lot questions, and also demand for the best Korean whitening body lotion. Honestly, if you want know my thought, its really drowned me in ambiguity. All my research is zero. 
And after a couple of time, my curiosity is fulfilled. White Secret Whitening Body Essence from The Face Shop, is one and only skin care line for body whitening i can find.

This essence is less creamy than body lotion in general, lets say more watery. It is packed in a big pump bottle, and easy to control the essence. There is white lily attached in the bottle as a main ingredient. I'm not sure the fragrance is similar with white lily smells or not, but it smells light and fresh at the same time.

Direction: Massage into to dry skin after bathing or showering. (i guess they meant to say like this: Gently massage onto body, focusing on the dry areas. Do after bathing or showering).
You can find list of the ingredients behinds ( if you have some allergic for certain ingredients).

I use this essence after shower for about 2 weeks. I do not have any allergic, and yes, this essence is totally safe for my skin. No irritation or rash appears. 

A question come out from my head related to this product is: Why it is said to be applied in dry areas, instead of on dark areas/ spots? confusing. Lets hope, the company re-checked its guideline, and underlined a clear purpose of this essence, meaning to say; for dryness or for skin-tone enlightening. 
Literary, for me, this products are really confusing. Figuratively, it has non-sticky formulas, but with moderate ability to absorb deeper but not leave a white cast on cloth. 

However, i can not say much about this product. No dramatic result, or something wow about it. In my experience, it fails to enlighten skin-tone; i do not see any difference before and after usage. So i think a bottle is enough. 

My suggestions, please be wise to choose whitening products, because it sometimes does not work at all, and the worst is irritating. I no means to underestimate your effort, but in my opinion, the highest result of whitening body lotion is caring a dull skin. Well at least you get some than none.  

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