Etude Creamy Peach Chou Body Oil


Volume: 100ml
Use after taking a shower while the body is still wet, take appropriate amount on the hands and massage the body with it. When used for more intensive care, take more amount and massage with more strength.

This is my first experience in dealing a body oil, so i can not say much about the goods or the worst compared with others.
However, i pointed a very strong peach fragrance that really annoy me when first doing a massage. Well, i will not complain much about its scent because latter on i found this body oil is able to prevent my back from becoming extremely dry.
I also glad to see the oil inside is not too heavy, and absorbed well into my skin. Not too greasy, oil slick or to be slippery.

Just follow the instruction to use it while your body still wet after taking a shower. Its oil will help to trap the water from a shower or bath onto the skin so it can sink in and provide extensive moisture rather than using it on your dry skin.

To honest, almost love this body oil refers to its light oil and the lustrous she's offer, except its strong fragrance :)

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