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To be honest, i have not found the best match, yet, with some kind of eye brow pencils for some time now. I  have 3 eye brow pencils: Revlon; brown and dark blonde (bought it from drugstore), 1 brown eye brow from Viva Cosmetic. 3 of them are fine. Average staying power, and they are typically need to be sharpened. 

Without comparing with my previous pencils; now, i will be talking about Drawing Eye Brow from Etude, and she is an automatic pencil for my first. yeay! :) I stick with number 03 Brown. 

I love the shape, very helpful to define my brows easily. It gave a natural smooth result, no matter how heavy i handle the glides, it stayed long and wont smudged. If you are looking a natural looks, i claimed this pencil to be a good choice, 
The comb itself is seriously so soft and wont hurt you. I use it to trim my brows before and after giving a stroke to it. Nothing more to say but a very soft, and comfortable comb used to neat your brows before and after drawing.   

Overall, i love to tell you good news about this pencil. First, it has a very optional colors, so you can choose the best match with your hair color (01 dark brown, 02 grey brown, 03 brown, 04 dark grey, 05 grey, 06 black) an the second, this is an inexpensive pencil for an eyebrow pencil suckers who like to buy a worth pencil that really works.

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