Skin Food Gold Kiwi Sun Cream Spf 50 Pa+++ / Spf 36 Pa++


My next sun cream goes to skinfood gold kiwi sun cream, a part of skinfood new line, namely gold kiwi. As you know, there are two types of sun cream which have been launched by skinfood under this line.

Both are having a same ingredient, except the spf rate in each. They made up from gold kiwi extract, that skinfood believed is having a good nutrition to restore skin from dullness. 

I will not try to describe its fragrance in this review, because honestly, i have never eaten gold kiwi before, so i cannot tell you whether or not it smells like gold kiwi.. haha!!  Lets passed about its smell and go straight to take a look each texture on the picture below: on my left finger is gold kiwi sun cream spf 36 is light slightly than gold kiwi sun cream spf 50 (on my right finger). 

I do love this sun cream comparing with my previous sun cream (tomato sun cream spf36), it gives more lustrous looks than tomato did. A light wear feeling from both is almost same, but the feeling of greasy from gold kiwi is almost none. 
I really enjoy using gold kiwi sun cream for a whole damn day, it is oil free, and does not leave my face shinny. You may believe that it does moisture my skin without making my loose powder smudged. 

My suggestion is: You may deliberately choose one of them depends on your personal needs and your skin typed, conditions, and your daily activities, because i think both are differ only on the texture. 
Again, for me, Spf is a matter of choice, the most important thing in choosing sun cream is the comfortable feeling under the sun heat. And for that purpose, i choose gold kiwi sun cream spf 50 :)

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