Skinfood Soymilk Body Shaving Gel


I do shaving because i think this is the comfortable way to get a smoother legs rather than using stocking, and this routine is now becoming more challenging with Skinfood Soymilk Body Shaving Gel. :p

Said to be so challenging because i must spend extra time in the bathroom to learn how to use this product then my previous day with my old product, Gillette foam do.
It is very common that all shaving gel/foam are designed in a push pump bottle in order to give an extra comfortable way to do shave shaving, but this product is not able to provide it.  
Well, yes! it designed in a push pump that supposed to be a very hygiene way, but it is not. It is difficult to use. A smooth push wont let the gel come out, and a hard one is only made the gel come too much. And the worst is, the gel wont stop come out form the pump hole for minutes :-/ hahahahaha!! Lil bit disgusting i guess.. 

However, i will not judged this product as bad as the design, because the gel itself is able to do its job well.
I spread a small amount (and disposed the rest) on my legs, and it turns into a very rich foam. I start shaving all over, and wash them out with warm water, and recheck the result. Not bad! the result is quiet satisfied. I do have  legs moisture without nicks and razor burn.

My opinion: for some of you who like to have an experience of shaving with various products, you may like the senses that gel offers. But if you don't like to waste your time with something that, perhaps, ruined your shaving time, you can pass this. :))))) Hope you enjoy this post, and once again, thanks for reading!! 

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