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Mostly, the idea of mascara always stand to the facts: waterproof, natural, and be able to improve healthy lashes which not easily fall. At least, that's what i read from bunch questions delivered by email. Do this stay long without smudging? do you have a waterproof mascara? do this giving lashes a natural look? and so on so fort. 

To be honest, wearing mascara is not my daily routine, and i would like to confessed that, i, perhaps, now, having troubles to describes this mascara in details. Please, please don't judge me if i post a narrow investigation about this mascara :) hehe... 



left: with. right: without

Not bad. I add the information that this is a quick dry mascara, so you better watch your moves. Do not combed your lashes more than 2 times, because it will dirt your lashes, hehehe,.. 

If you see on my edged lashes wont speared perfectly as it supposed to be, it because i still can not mastered my hands to handle the comb do its job better. Please don't blame this mascara, blame me :)))))

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