Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell White Essence


It's been a long time since my last review, and i apologize that i do review very rarely because am about took care my laziness for about past six months :D
And now, here i am, talking about the next stuff on my closet.

My skin is normal - dry, but sometimes turns into a very complicated skin condition, or you may call it combination skin type; very dry on edge lips, chin, and around eyes. Oily on cheek. Got very rarely of acne and pimples, very normal in producing whiteheads on nose and chin. The idea of a need against this condition is "i need product, which not too oily to overcome my dryness, but not too sticky in order to neutral my oil."
I do more attention to try skinfood platinum grape cell line because this is one of top selling in my warehouse, not only a full size, but also sample bundles. :) nicee.. I found many reviews about platinum grape cell essence (for wrinkle and whitening), and most of them said about its sticky texture, and i think i do not really want to try it. So i decided to choose white essence rather than platinum grape cell essence (in purple bottle). 

It designs in a pump bottle. Surely, i will suggest this as a very hygienic packaging for those who think a product package is very important. Easy to use and flexible, meaning to say that one push essence will enough to spread out. No more no less, :)

Fluid, white color, smells like wine (strong like grape fermentation). Spreadable, moist, but not too sticky, or slippery. In my opinion, this essence look like a toner, especially in its texture. Comparing with skinfood platinum grape cell essence (purple bottle), this perhaps will suit for those who annoyed with sticky texture  of previous platinum grape.

After my daily (milk + toner + facial wash) cleanser, i used it before my night cream. I used it for about 3 months, and i do not recognize any skin tone upgrade, but only calm my dryness successfully, especially my chin and edges of my lips. This is good for me, but perhaps not too good for those who have a plan to upgrade their skin tone, i think you need a complete product from its line, or perhaps other whitening cream which suits you.

In my opinion, essence or serum is matter of needs. You may pass to use essence or serum if creams, lotion, or your other skin care regime is enough. Be good and wise to select which best for you. Hope this review will help you to choose your next essence. And, if you have questions, or perhaps there's missing information related to skinfood platinum grape cell white essence, please share. Would like to see you around here ladies :) by the way, i apologize for bad picture quality, i took it in hurry :)))

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  1. Setelah sekian lama akhirnya ngepost lg sis...
    He'eh aku pake platinum grape eye cream lengket ket ket...


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