Blistex Medex and Vaseline Lip Therapy


Hi, in this post, am not trying to give pros and cons for blsitex, or vaseline. I decided to write them in one post because they are standing in the same categories. "One is better than the other" is only a subject matter. So please, enjoyyy :)

I found blistex medex randomly. I typed "best lip balm" using google and found totalbeauty, a site where the worst and best lip balms rated by user polling' basic. 

Blistex medex is the best number 2, and it is the cheapest one, so i choose it. 
Beyond everything in mind related to big brand names, product qualities, and popularity, my only question lays in head is; how do the cheapest one could be the best one?
So i bought it. I bought it from drugstore by joining pre order in one of market plaza' lapak, at female daily. A huge ladieshood where chit chat rooms opened for ladies finding product's reference, and being close to their product's pros and cons.
I spend less than Rp, 50.000 (lapak' policy related to usd range price) for $2,19 (price from drugstore). 

Blistex medex comes in a blue, small, plastic jar, a net weight of 0,38oz (10,5g). It packed with a safety seal, and you need to remove it  before you use it. 

It smells like medicine balms, but lightly. A familiar fragrance that easily recognized if you turn back to your childhood, or standing near to your grandma :) 
I know it may be lil bit strange for such kind of lip balm flavor, especially for ladies who addicted to sweet or fruits taste.
I use it for night caring. I stick it with my finger rather than using brush, i think it more efficient. hehe.. 
I love the feeling of a warm, and also a fresh mint sensation it gives at the same time. When i wake up in the morning, it left smooth lips.
I love how the way it treats my lip. It is really work for my chapped and dry lips.

Next to vaseline lip therapy
I bet everyone has already know vaseline petroleum jelly very well. I perhaps has becoming one of vaseline petroleum' suckers in the world :) . Am using it when i was in junior high school till now, and i adore it. I always own vaseline petroleum jelly in my closet, even tough it's rarely used.
I just thought, i should have this stuff :)

There are so many types of vaseline petroleum jelly in drugstore, and when i saw this one, i think want to have it. So i bought it :) I bought it for $1,39
It is pack similarly with petroleum jelly, but in a small tiny jar. I mean it with small tiny jar, because it only has a net weight, 0,25oz (7g).
The main ingredient is petroleum jelly, so do not wonder if the texture is also similar, but softer. Plain fragrance and light. Giving enough moisturizer to my lips, all is enough. I use it very rarely, not until waiting special situation or dried condition. I use it when i remember to use it, and am really enjoy using it. I do not need a special reason why i bought it. As i told you, i really adore vaseline petroleum too much :)) and will buy another petroleum jelly, more and more. :))
What about you? Do you have any favorite lip balm?

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