The Face Shop Water Bright Lip and Eye Remover


What is your favorite remover? Does it work well without irritation? Does it really able to cleanse your lip and eye make up? If you do not have any superstar remover yet, so do i.
Now let see my next insider' project for your reference.

The face shop rice water bright remover is my next after skinfood milkshake point remover. I decided to use it because there are lost questions about the abilities in brighten under eyes circle, as it entitled water bright lip and eye remover.

Product Description is taken from
As an Emulsion in Toner formula, it is separated into two layers with milk-colored emulsion on top and clear water base on bottom. Keeps the eye and mouth area from dehydrating, removing makeup without irritation.

Before usage, shake the product carefully for better mixture of contents and get the product wet on a piece of cotton and wipe make up off around the eyes and lips.

It designs in wide orifice bottle, so there's always be too much liquid come out, and usually make my cotton pad too wet. >.< 

Product formula is an emulsion which liquefied into a toner looks alike. Origin price is Won 6,900, retail price more or less Rp, 95,000
It consist of two layers as any other regular remover. Light smells, and slushy. There's no oils in it, but it promises with no irritation result, and they may telling the truth about that case. But for the case in removing my mascara, lipstick, and eyebrow, they perhaps need a stronger mixing formula :)

Daily products i use, form left to right:
1. The face shop lovely me ex eyebrow #brown
2. Maybeline long extreme stiletto
3. Revlon matte lipstick 003 mauve it over

I put wet cotton pad, and leave it on my hand for about one minutes, and then i swap it. They still there, only fade little. 

Then i re apply it, and leave a wet cotton pad one minute more, but my mascara still there. I do not know whether maybeline is a hard erase mascara or water's failure to do the job, but all i know is i must do double jobs to remove my mascara >.< 

Well, it will be a very long story entitled "make up remover" for my inside's project from now on, and i will not stop over this remover. There are bunch remover out there to try, and i promise that i will post it for you here :)
By the way, after regular used, this remover does not brighten my under eye circle :) 

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