Kiss Me HEROINE Make Quick Eyeliner 01 Black


I definitely guessin that the idol  is Marie Antoinette :p

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner (Black #01) (0.1g)
This black eyeliner is sweat resistant and waterproof. It is easy to apply to create refine, smooth and precise eyeliner. With a special designed brush attached, you can blend out the eyeliner to create smokey eyes effect. It contains Wild Rose Oil and Chamomile Extract for light moisturizing result.

How to use?
Draw a fine line along the base of the upper lashes. Blend outwards with the flat blending tip that attached to the product if you want to create smokey eyes effect.

Instructions behind the package: All Japanese

Circle 1. Rotating field. 
Circle 2. The exclusive brush with a blending tip to create a smoky looked

This eyeliner looks sooooo petite, fragile and very traditional. A small white pencil, with roses ornament and gold printed on its body. Very oldish. Matched with a theme that Kiss me tried to attach. 
Seeing this eyeliner is fast reminder of Japanese comic I've read when I was on elementary school. If I'm not mistaken, there are two serials; same place but different periods. The first is the story of Marie Antoinette and the second is "Rose of Versailles", with the idol ,named Oscar. 
I guess the idol attached on Kiss Me is Marrie Antoinette because later on I found that Oscar was also attached in another make up brand, named Creer Beaute. Both, was very famous on my age. Very dramatic stories.

Back to this eyeliner! 
When I rotate the pencil, and swatch it on my hand, this petite eyeliner lined very nicely. Well, yes,.. it looks fragile outside, but it does not looked that way inside.

This pencil is easily used, wont smudged by sweats, and long lasting until it is erased. I used it like on the picture above because I do not have too much time to create any other looks. I'm sure adding more shadows on the upper would be perfect as "smoky eyes" looks like :p 

Nyum! I love this pencil.
Ps. Strongly recommend to use masacra remover. It hardly to say that this eyeliner is hard erased.

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