Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off


Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off Sample Feature

SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off contains various nutrients, including Vitamins and Minerals, which soothe irritated skin and whiten skin.
Rice extract is a gentle but effective whitening ingredient. It not only vitalizes skin, but also hydrates skin, for bright and whitened skin. 

how to use it
After cleansing, apply the mask to lightly wet face (avoid eye and lip area). Gently press and massage (for sensitive skin, massage is not advisable). Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse well with water.

The texture is creamy but lil bit thick (concentrated)  i supposed, contains beads (exfoliants) purposed to removed dead skin. Shout out as a whitening mask.

For such a mask, I noticed the beads looked huge and rough as seen on the picture above. But surprisingly, the beads wont harm or hurts my face cause the cream melted into lil bit oily after seconds. I massage it gently on my face, and focuses on my nose to see how it works on my blackheads, and yes it does work reduced my blackheads around my nose... only a few, but it's okay for me. It leaving my skin smooth and moist. Nice.... 

The best things in reading or making a review is the good news instead a bad news underneath. I will not say that this is the best mask I ever try from now on, but I'm sure enough that this mask will give a good result if you use it wisely and follow the right directions. 

So I closed this review saying you a good news above all, that this mask is totally secure for my face and there's no redness come up after I washed it off. 

However, please be wiser to choose your skin care, especially how you treat your face. I advise some of you who have a sensitive skin, use this mask without giving it any massages. Better tap it gently and leaving it approximatively less than 10 minutes. I supposed that trying a sample feature before you continued buying a full size is advisable :D

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