Skin Food Lettuce & Cucumber Water Drop Essence


Product Descriptions:
Water-based, it relaxes tired skin with water-rich lettuce and cucumber extracts, collagen and vitamin ingredients. Provides long lasting hydration and moisture retention on the skin.

Lettuce and Cucumber Water Drop essence is a very unique moisturizer from Skin Food' skin care. It has a very unique texture, once I drop it on my face it'll melted into water in seconds after rubbed.

Whooooaaa.... very interesting, isn't??

Personally I don't think that this essence will made your skin oily or something if you use it wisely. I have tried it as a base at night, and it just give a fresh sensations afterward. My skin feel moisture and supple, and i don't see oils around my face.
But you may worry if you applied this essence before your bb cream, well.. I guess it would be different matters to discuss :D 
I have warned you anyway.... 

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