My Darling Eyeliner Waterproof


My Darling
Product description:
Black liquid eyeliner, waterproof.
Applicable on both upper and lower eyeliner to highlight eyes.

I found it around neighborhoods by accidentally. Some blog and forums said that this is a great eyeliner sell in a cheap price. So when I found it, I simply wont hide my enthusiasm to try it. 

It comes in a traditional red box, 
black tube with a maroon above. 

A heart shaped on top.

It brush applicator is definitely weak. I've tried to make a watermark, but it fails >.< Well, I better say that am not too smart in dealing eyeliner liquid rather than blaming its liquid that thoroughly spill off.   
Surprisingly, this eyeliner done her job well. Yes, it stay long for hours without smudge. :) or ruined my eyes...... (lil bit)

Finally, this is my pleasure to tell you the good news above all; I don't need, a mascara remover no more. Hey! I just wipe it with a cleansing milk, and it is disposed in a couple of blinks :) seriously.... me?? still don't have any ideas, why a milk cleanser is able to.


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