Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake Finish #2 Choco Brownie


Product description: 
This unique finish pact is made with 3 marbled colors baked in a pan! 
Its natural, sophisticated color and subtle shimmer gold pearl create a dazzling look with depth, and its pale pink color provides a radiant finish.
Apply evenly onto face or lightly onto T-zone and cheeks, using enclosed brush.

All Over Muffin Cake Finish is a finishing which comes in a container stacking with a fine flat brush. Brush is enclosed in her first stack. I choose number 2 Choco Brownie to create gold brownish effect as it is shouted. 

Anyway.... Searching this products in Skinfood' web is lil bit confusing. It is said as a finishing, and some said that this is a highlighter, but when I visit Skinfood's,.... in fact, it's not belong to Powder/Fixer nor Blush/highlighter category : D but in PACT... hehe..

Later, I found that this pact is combined between gold, vanilla and brownish color.... surely glowing.
Now I know that this pact is a finishing for sure. Stupid inten!!   

It create a soft glow but not too glittery. I applied a lil bit on there and there.... read: around my nose, lil bit on cheeks, and soft touching on my chin.... Quite niceeee, even tough I supposed it'll be more suitable for tan skin, and not for my pink tone >.< Oh Well...

Best part in dealing this pact is how I love its fragrance, smells like i want to eat that!! smells like a choco vanilla ice cream as well.
If some of you hate dealing glitter, I supposed this will make a loving soft glow.

More suitable for tan skin.

ps. need retouch after 3-4 hours after applied

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