Skin Food Byulsatang Eye Color; your summer eye color


#2. Grape Party (purple)

Perfect to wear during summer vacation and water play, this eye makeup pot provides strong waterproofing to keep its true color all day long.

To Use as an eye shadow, dab and spread it onto the entire eyelid. As a colorful eyeliner, draw a line around the eyes.

Skin food Byulsatang series for your eyes comes in a small pot, another two comes in a stick (powder, for eyes) and powder and lip tint. This is a waterproof eyeshadow, and said as perfect to be used on summers  during your activities cause it  wont smudges by sweats.
To be sure, I tested by washing my entire face with soap after used it, and it still stay on my eyes without smudging.

Byulsatang seems to offer us more eye catching nuances: 1 Ice Turquoise (blue ice), 2 Grape Party (purple), Real Strawberry (pink), Apricot Cream (soft orange), Black Chip, Moon Crunch (grey),  Brown Soda, Passion Navy (dark blue).

Waterproof: so you can also use it on lower lid 
with no worries :p

Lil bit shimmery, but not grease your eyes; so I speculate that this eye color would be best for those who have oily or too oily skin typed. 

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