Skin Food Nail Vita Essence


Product Description:
Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this nail essence provides nutrients to nails, preventing them from breaking and cracking .
Apply often to nails to prevent them from breaking and cracking. After trimming, apply onto nails. 
Color may vary depending on number of coats applied.

creamy or liquid?

Nail Vita Essence is a nail moisturizer. Differ with a base or top coat in our nail polishes routine used, normally this moisturizer is being applied after nail trimming or at every time your nails feeling dry and rough. Captivated in a clear bottle along with its brush; to make your daily treatment more enjoyable, neat and hygiene. 

After cutting and tidy it up with buffer, I simply apply it on my ring finger and intentionally not put it on my middle finger in order to show you the difference. As you can see on the picture above, my ring finger looks lively. Honestly, I really love how this essence treats my nails with its cooling sensation. Less fragrance and really moist my nails especially on the its edges. It looks healthier and shinier.

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