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Twister Balm, very interesting!

Product description: 
A highly moisturizing and nutritive coffee milk nail balm containing a mixture of brown balm (made from coffee oil) and white balm (made from) soft milk extract. It is designed to prevent and alleviate brittle and cracked nails.

Apply the mixture of white and brown balms to your nails and surrounding skin and massage gently to absorb

I've struggled with nails that are brittles and look less than great. Mostly, is about big problems with dryness and rough on my fingers, hard on the edge and mostly is about dried cuticle. 
Most people put hand creams often, and some very seldom after their nail treatment, which will respond with tears and snagging.  In other words, hand cream does not help too much in this case.

Well, it is not my style choosing nail balm cause I usually put all in one balm to handle dryness in some areas, Vaseline petroleum is the one of the example :) 
So far, Vaseline always succeed in healing rough or tears on my lips, legs, knees, and even calm the dryness around my nails, but...... unsuccessful handling brittle and crackle nails :p 
Let's think that hard cuticles and flaky nails is a different matter that all in one balm can't  vague. 


I love this nail balm: comes in small pot that easily carry on my bag while travelling. Smells a very light scent, coffee mixed with milk. Easily melted when I rudely applied on my finger. Turned roughness into soft and smooth. 
I just give a fast massage on my nails to help the absorption, and done! After a moment, roughness is being calmed. Love it...! If you ask me what happens after I washed my hands? Noting happens but the moist sensation is still there.. on my nails. I bet that it will also penetrate deeply to prevent flaky nails time by times as it is shouted..... :) hohohohohoo

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  1. I just ordered this balm on Ebay, it looks yummy XD

  2. Ninidori, yes, looks and smells delicious. i bet you like it.. :)


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