Skin Food Choco eye liner Jam: matte finish


Product Description
With this soft gel eye liner, anyone can easily create natural eyelines with a matte finish.
Define eyelines using brush, filling between lashes.

Called as a jar (liquid and easily melted) but I completely mark it as a gel liner because its texture is quite solid. I choose number 1 Dip Black

This eyeliner packed in a simple glass pot, very cute and oldish. There's no brush attached, so I used Skin Food Eye Liner to define lines on my upper and lower lids. 

Skin Food Eye liner Brush, A bamboo brush

Talking about the brush, I say no more but quite comfortable. Some said that Etude' brush, much much nicer than skin food does, so I better said nothing before I try Etude'

I always think, that applying gel liner is more difficult from applying a pencil. It is because when you've played your pencil on your eyes, and unfortunately you miss to draw some sides, u can still quickly remove it and redraw it again until it looks better. But when you played a gel on your eyes, phew!! you only have a single time, there's no second times for correction unless you want to ruin yourself :p

That's why, I'm so nervous when applying this eyeliner.
Luckily this gel goes smoothly on my eyes. I'm quite satisfied with its result; Matte and wont smudged whatsoever!! 

black, matte finished

I use:
upper and lower lids: skinfood choco eye liner jam
eyeshadow: revlon matte rich sable
no mascara attached!!

Overal reviews: 
YES: gel/ creamy but good aplication
NO: no bursh

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