Kiss Me Sun Killer Daily Comfort Whitening UV Gel Spf 27 PA++;


Size: 90g
Kiss Me Sunkiller Daily Comfort Whitening UV Gel SPF27 PA++ protects skin from harmful UV rays to reduce the appearance of spots and freckles. It is a reliable sunscreen that provides daily protection.
The brand new formula does not contain greasy and heavy resin. Being light and refreshing, it does not leave any white traces.
It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to nourish and repair skin dehydrated by air-conditioning and exposure to sun.
It is as creamy as moisturizer for easy and smooth application. Mild nature and high affinity.

how to use it
Shake well before use. Apply a proper amount to the skin of face and body. Reapply after swimming and toweling. Or use as makeup base. 

There are 7 kinds of Sun Killer manufactured by Isehan, Japan, and this one is shouted has a gel based. This is my first sun cut (sunblock) from Sun Killer that I've tried, and I'm worry I could not give a best explanation related to this product because I'm still in process in trying other sun killer products :p  hehe...

In my opinion, there are only two good products that easily found in my neighborhood which satisfy me; They are Nivea Sun Whitening Sun Lotion Spf 50 PA+++, and Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock Spf 30 (UVA and UVB).

Common characteristic from both products are to be rich texture, light fragrance, and oily (a very common turnable texture against the sun heat). The problems with its rich texture is they always leave a white trace on my cloth >.<

Instructed to be applied for about 10-15 minutes until it completely absorbed before doing outside activities. But if you ask me which best, I prefer to choose Nivea as my daily sunblock. For me, Nivea protecting me well under the sun heat without feeling burnt even though I must stay for more or less 2-4 hours outside :)
Plus minus,... I think all products are always have their own best things...

Nivea & Vaseline
Texture: very rich & rich

Compared with my previous sunblocks, Sun Killer Daily Comfort Whitening has a lighter texture.  Honestly, I bet to myself that its texture will be look like a gel, but in fact its just still lotion like. 

sun killer: watery-texture
(Active ingredient), and Water-soluble placenta extract Glycyrrhizic acid 2K Tocopherol acetate ester. (Other Ingredients) Purified water, PG, Ethanol, Parabens Ethylhexyl p-methoxycinnamate, Nylon powder, Dicaprylyl carbonate, Tris-ethylhexyl oxycarbonyl anilino triazine, Saxifrage extract, Rosemary extract, Mulberry extract, Hyaluronic acid Na-2, Water-soluble collagen, Loofah Extraction liquid, Oxybenzone, Acrylic acid, Alkyl methacrylate copolymer, Polyoxyethylene cetyl ether, TEA, Carboxyvinyl polymer, Sodium glutamate, EDTA-2Na, BHT

It smells like a strong acid which treats a cooling sensation, smells fresh. Benefits contain in its ingredients is collagen; an ingredient that wont found both in Nivea or Vaseline (please tell me if any, perhaps I miss that word)

The best thing I like from Sun Killer is its formula that quickly absorbed, does not grease my skin, and leaves non oil result. I strongly recommend this for oil skin typed, and still safe for normal to dry skin typed.. Another best thing I really love from this sunblock is "this does not leave any white cast on my cloth"

ps. Said to be use for body, but also recommend to use on our face.

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