Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch


Product Description:
This nose pack containing chlorophyll, a chlorella nutrient, effectively removes blackheads, dry skin, and sebum on nose. An astringent plant element tightens pores, leaving skin on nose clean.
After washing, wet nose area sufficiently. Remove clear film and apply smooth side to nose, adhering tightly to skin. Remove when dry.

 Read the direction on upper (English) 

Should be placed on top of the nose

Removed its plastic wrapped 
and place its green sheets right on your nose.
Make sure to wet your nose before placing this sheet.
Wait approximately 10-15 minutes, and peel it off. 

It really really take your blackheads away. 
Do not forget to wash your nose area with toner or water afterward.

ps. Please don't mentioned: a disgusting picture.

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