Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Lip & Eye Dual Pencil (#1 pink & black); Pucca Series


Face Shop has launched Pucca series in early Dec' 10 to celebrate Christmas day. This is a very extraordinary thing since Pucca is the one and only cartoon idol attached for Face shop' icon. Very cute! 

For Lovely Mix Pucca Dual Lip and Eyes, Face shop has produced 2 colors; #1 Pink and Black, #2 Cheery and Brown. You still can get number 1, but I'm not sure if you can also be able to find number 2. I'm afraid that the second color is already discontinued.  

This a huge duo pencil consists of lip and eye pencil. 

Pink: for lips, glossy

Black for eyes; nice color but not waterproof

Overal review:
Yes: Nice Packaging, cute cartoon idol attached==> nice things to show up :) hohohohhoho,..... includes add-on: a sharpener. Very niceeeee lip color, love it!!
No: not a waterproof eye pencil, but a moist full lip pencil. 

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