Skin Food Milkshake Point Remover


Product description:
Enriched with milk nutrients, this gentle point makeup remover erases makeup on sensitive lip and eye areas without irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing. Shake like a milkshake before use.
After shaking well, apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently wipe lip and eye areas.

I've read Milkshake Point remover as an excellent products; none reviews pronounce it to be disappointing. 
A few said it lacks of an oil formula, that leaves a stinging sense, I said: they'd probably do too much rubbing and tugging.
This is a cheap make up remover which come in a huge bottle, contains 160ml. Honestly, for such a make up remover, I think this is the biggest plastic bottle I've seen before. Meaning to say; it will take months until the last drops. Niceeee..

Milk extract like a milkshake with rich and foam formula.

Milkshake Point Remover consist of two layers; white and purple liquid. Shake well the bottle until it layers mix into white liquid, then apply it on a cotton pad. Just like any other make up remover' characteristic, they need seconds until it go back into two layers after shaking. A very noticeable as a very general characteristic of a dual remover.  

I really mean it as a liquid which has a light fragrance, a very sweet aroma which evaporate in seconds. I must admit that this product is very gorgeous cause its completely take away your mascara without leaving any residues. Love it!!

However, if you think you are a mascara lover (wears a mascara for everyday use), please be wiser, and make sure not to rub the cotton pad rudely unless you want ruined your eyes and lips. 
Also please stay the fact that this make up remover does not consist of any oils, and a very common accident from using a make up remover is getting a tinging and burning sensation as I said in my very opening. 
Very wisely, you can lays a wet cotton pad on a closed eyes and lips, and smoothly tap it. I did it and it reduced so much risk of being hurt. 

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