Skin79 Dream Girls BB Cream Spf 30 PA++; Calmed Your Redness


Product descriptions:
Primarily intended for the younger set, Dream Girls BB Cream addresses the concerns of young skin by providing oil control and UV protection to prevent unsightly premature aging. The thick cream provides light to medium coverage, evening out the skin tone and creating a dewy and smooth finish that lasts all day long. Suitable for lighter skin tones. By Skin79.

Good for skin irritation and protect skin. It evens out the skin tones, skin look more beautiful, and conceals skin flaws. Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and B at the same time. it is not oily and it refresh your skin . It includes porosity powder which is good at absorb sebum so it can control sebum properly.

Skin 79 Dream Girls Beblesh Balm SPF30 PA++ features the following benefits:
  • Fresh sensation 
  • This oil-water type blemish balm enables fresh sensation. With Holed-Up Powder to absorb excess sebum.
  • Optimal UV cut—SPF30 PA++ 
  • It blocks UVA and UVB. No extra layer of sunscreen lotion is needed.
  • Natural ingredients 
  • Multiple natural extracts (Wild Asparagus Extract and Algae Extract) and the perfect blend of Licorice Extract and Grapefruit Extract helps protect and soothe sensitive and allergic skin.
  • Cuticle protection 
  • It clears dead skin and maintains soft skin. (gains info from

Comes in a attractive tube design. I pretty love this style. :) very young and dramatic style with ornaments moon and stars.
Surrounding with so many choices of BB Creams typed, and based from my own experience (own selling). Skin79 Dream Girls BB cream is not too popular among Indonesian woman, especially my customers. It questions very rarely. 

Demands in doing Skin79 Dream Girls' review is also none.
What happens with this bb cream anyway?  

First thing I noticed about this BB cream is its pink undertone which turn into lil bit orange >.< I will not say that this is strange, and I do not know if it is normal or not, but turns into orange is definitely unpredictable :D

The texture is watery and spreadable. Once I try this bb cream, I only take a few amounts to apply. Nice.. it extremely smooth running trough my face. The coverage is light, and mate finished, so it is best for everyday use. Lil bit oily at noon, but not too cakey to be judged. 
By the way, if you looking for a full coverage, this bb cream might not help you much. In fact, you still need foundation afterwards. 

When there are so many bb creams offer us with a full coverage, whitening, anti wrinkle and so on and so forth, Dream Girls is gone from our thought, my thought.... that this, in fact, is simply offer us benefits of calming redness, pimples, and allergic skin that usually become a bad dream to young girls on their average age. hehehehe...

Oh well, I just try to be wiser and honest to you, benefits for some girls are always depending. Since we knew bb creams always related to a full coverage, this bb cream may be good only for a base make up.  

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