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Product description: Natural concealment of lip blemishes holds makeup for long lasting lip makeup expression.

I have a big problem with lips pigmentation, and textures.... perhaps,,, he :p 
Well, yes, it was a problem when I desired to use a bright lipstick color (especially glossy lip). It seems like the color won't blend well. So this is it, i decided to try this concealer.  

I love the color, very nude. When i swatch it on my hand, it goes smoothly, I love it too. 

But, being honest, It won't absorb easily, (what's this? a problem is on my lip or what??). 
You can see it on below picture that my lips texture looked powdery.  

So if you have a dry lips as I am, I suggest you to put a moisturizer or lip balm before applying this concealer. I did, and the result  was  so much better (yes, it holds the lip color anyway)... At least your lip balm can help you to make the concealer blends easier. -good luck- :d

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