Skin79 Shimmering BB Cream, Oriental Collection; Oriental or Shimmering? or Both?


Product Descriptions:
Volume: 20ml
Contains: Oriental Tea Newplex, MX Complex (im not sure what is this, i read in skin79, described as; Moisture), Oriental Blending (white, black, and green tea), Aloe Vera, Nano Vita Silk.
Shout out:  A trendy pearl BB cream which has a light, moist use feeling and quite brilliant pearl to make a bright, revitalizing skin.
Shade: one shade, but safe for any tone color.

normal house lighting

I may say that this bb cream has a light scent, the texture is shimmery, soft and creamy, so it would be best and recommend for dry and dull skin. 

It has a nice brush applicator.
Press on the pump, make sure to control carefully the amount of bb cream.

cream outs on the center

Spread gently on all over your face (ow, anyway, i used my fingertip to roll out the cream, it much more easier for me...) 
Shimmer will visible for about 5 minutes after it spread out in some area. 


For some who wants to create a luminous face, please do an extra  amount on part of your face.

Literary, I probably love this bb cream :) I love the word "oriental". It makes me imagined something... something oriental :p something which related to east, a face which glossy and luminous looks under the sun heat. Looks shinny and "shimmer" :) 

normal sun light

I have a round face, and using this bb cream made my face looked "full"; -read 3D effect, just like skin79 official web said. Sooooo... i wont recommend this if you have a round face... hehe...
Figuratively, i may not like this like bb cream. My face looked too full, and oily by noon^^

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