Review on Skin food: Expired or NOT??


One of the important parts in shopping is recognizing the expired date of the products. "I don't want to buy products if it's nearly expired", and I'm sure that you wont either.

Based on my observation, it usually puts around the sticker, behind or on the front, above or under the bottle or jar. Also please check carefully inside the box (if it is a box packaging). Some is printed inside or outside.  

So, how do we recognize the "expired" on skinfood's?? he...

items: fresh juice c serum, peach sake bb cream, quince whitening sunscreen lotion, peach sake pore serum, lettuce cucumber mild pact

I have gained this information from Korea Suppliers, reading blogs, and joining forum which "talking" about the "date expired". 
Yes, there's a date printed on the sticker, mostly, always on the back. BUT, this is NOT the expired, the date is the MANUFACTURED date.

Unfortunately I can't find the "expired" on skinfood bb creams, but as long as I know the expired will be 2 years at the time it's opened and be at least 3 years (after) from manufacturing date. 

Finally, I really hope this could answer your question about "safe or NOT" using skinfood products you bought (especially from intenshop :p) 

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  1. Hi, may i know roughly when's the expiry dat?e? roughly how long from the manufacturing date

  2. Hi laiHui, i've just opened my blog, am sorry for took you so long awaiting my post-reply :). Usually, the expired date will be 2 years at the time it's opened and be at least 3 years after manufacture date. You can check the date printed on the box, bottle, below or above. Hope its can answer your question :)


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