Etude Missing You Hand Cream


That's the first time i notice about this hand cream. Cute! Yeaaaahhh!!
Soft fragrance, moist full, suitable to carry on your bag, and traveling. You can use the cream at every time your hands dehydrated.

Above all, one thing that made me really really adore this hand cream is about the feature and the story that etude tried to communicate. A simple campaign for loving animals; "Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet......I really want to see you.... I miss you!"
The boxes are made from 100% Recycled Paper
Again,.... "recycled paper" is a simple message that showing us how much etude  cares our earth.

There is also a short story behind the box, that make me think, this hand creams offers "more", more than just hand creams.

From left to right
#3 This is "Panda Story" : "HI ~ I am Panda, I live in China to eat bamboo ad practice kung-fu" ==>> I LOVE this one
#2 This is "Fairy Penguin Story" : "HI ~ I am Fairy Penguin, I live in Australia & New Zealand, love to swim and dive for fish"
#4 This is "Pink Dolphin Story" : "HI ~ I am Pink Dolphin, I live in the Amazon River, love to swim and chat with friends"
#1 This is "Harp Seal Story" : "HI ~ I am Harp Seal, I live near the Arctic Ocean, love to play in the snow and sunbathe"

"All animals are missing you! They want to meet you... and like to see you"


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